Bienvenidos a’ Casita Coba

Check In:

You will find an envelope at the security gate located at the entrance of PLAYACAR FASE 1 with your name on it and the keys to Casita Coba, as well as a map so you know how to get to the house.

The security staff at the entrance gate know Casita Coba and will assist you to the house if you want - just ask them.

The house will be ready after 3:00 pm for check-in.

Claudia from MM Realty, our management company, will make contact with you within 24 hours after your arrival to answer any questions you may have. Her cell phone number (for emergencies outside of office hours ) is (984) 804 74 19. Her office number is (984) 873 04 50.


Check out is on the day of your departure (July 16 ,2011),before 11:00 am and Claudia will visit to check the property and collect the 2 sets of keys. She will arrange this with you upon your arrival.

How to get to Playacar Fase 1 / This is where Casita Coba  is located:

From the Cancun Airport, head South on the main highway 307 towards Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Pass through Puerto Morelos. At the next stoplight, you are entering Playa del Carmen. When the highway divides into 8 lanes, stay in the middle lanes. Keep going straight leaving Av. Constituyente and Av. Juarez behind. At the next stoplight signed Complejo Playacar, turn left. Go to the end of the street. At the T, you will see a 2 story shopping center called Plaza Antigua, turn left. Immediately past the Plaza Antigua building turn right, this is the entrance to Playacar Fase 1, where your rental villa is located. The security gate is on the right hand side - look for the guard. He will have an envelope with your name on it with the keys and a map to the property. Just ask the security guard for your envelope.

Cook Service :
If you wish to have a cook while on vacation preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner let me now ahead of time. Meeting with the cook is upon arrival - the cost depends on the number of persons.

Maid service:
Maid service will be done three days in a week. Please note that tips are not included.

Crib rental:
If you wish to rent a crib please let us know ahead of time - the cost is $50.00 USD for the week. Payment has to be done upon arrival in cash in USD or pesos.

Transportation from and to the Airport:
We offer roundtrip transportation (Airport Cancun – Villa - Airport Cancun); if you are interested we will need the following details in order to get a quote:
Nr. of people, flight nr, airline, arrival & departure time - payment has to be done upon arrival in USD cash.

Sorry! not pets allowed

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.
Our team looks forward to welcoming you to Playa del Carmen. 

Claudia Macin
Property Manager

Playa del Carmen is located 45 minutes south of Cancun International Airport.
A private car can be arranged at $70 for two passengers. If you wish to have one arranged please email me at
Other options for the journey from Cancun International Airport are:
Cab – Grab an authorized airport taxi. A union controls who can carry tourists from the airport and what they can charge. The price is in the region of $65. Please give them the exact address:
Villas Arqueologicas # 3-2
(Casita Coba)
24 Coral Negro
Playacar Phase 1
Playa del Carmen
To Playa del Carmen by ADO Bus: The most economical way (106 pesos per person) from the airport to Playa del Carmen is to take the air-conditioned ADO Bus. Luggage can be stored underneath. It’s a very nice and easy ride that takes you right to the Playa bus station located on 5th Ave and Juarez.
To reach Playacar hail one of the many taxis lined up around the bus station (approx. $5-$7).
To Find the Bus:
From Terminal 3: Walk out of the airport and veer right towards the large buses. Only speak with employees wearing an ADO logo on their shirt. Tickets may be purchased from a booth inside the terminal or at the door.
The bus stops at Terminal 2 and then most rides are direct to PDC. There is a chance of a brief stop on the highway in Puerto Morelos.
To Cancun Airport from PDC: Tickets can be purchased at the ADO Bus Station on 5th Avenue and Benito Juarez up to 24 hours in advance of a specified departure time. The bus lets off all passengers at Terminal 2. A shuttle bus is available to Terminal 3 and there is a walkway.

There is a security guard station at the entrance to Playacar Phase 1. Please tell them your last name and explain that you are staying at Casita Coba in Villas Arqueologicas. You will be given two sets of keys in an envelope with a welcome letter. The security will be able to point out the direction to Casita Coba.

You will drive through the gate and take an immediate right through a second security gate onto Coral Negro. Continue a short distance to the end of the road. On your left, at the sign for #24 Coral Negro, go through the gate and up one set of stairs to Casita Coba. YOU ARE HOME!

If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our:
Property manager, Claudia. She is available on her cell phone: 9841176906 or at the MM Rentals & Realty at 984 873 0450.

In the unlikely event that Claudia is unable to help you please feel free to call Gail or Michel Walter at 001 303-579 4456 or 001 303 775 4398. I am also contactable by email at

All general house information can be located in a folder left out for you at Casita Coba including numbers and cell phone numbers for our local representatives. This folder will contain information on water delivery, local restaurants, pharmacies and grocery stores. Claudia is also available to answer any questions you may have. We welcome feedback on our beloved place so feel free to call or email. We want you to feel welcome and looked after.
LOCK DOORS: Casita Coba is in a gated guarded community; however it is just good sense to keep all doors locked when you are not at home.
AIR CONDITIONING: Casita Coba has more then enough AC in every room and is designed to flash cool. The AC units are designed to cool a room immediately unlike central or the forced air common in the USA. Please use consciously and remember to turn off the air conditioning units when you leave or turn off in any room you are not using and close the door. Electricity is very expensive in Mexico, help us to conserve.
There’s an outdoor shower (If you walk in the gate and around the pool it's hidden somewhat at the base of the building on your left). There is also a tap/faucet off to the right at the foot of our stairs going up to Casita Coba. Great place to shed all that sand before heading into the pool or going upstairs.
MOSQUITO BITES: Andantol Gel: Is a topical ointment which helps mosquito bites stop itching. It is available in Pharmacies. There are also some 'natural' bug sprays that don't smell poisonous like the chemical ones. There are different brands but they all advertise that they are natural.
TAXIS: Taxis are everywhere once you walk out of the gated area. Best place to catch them is as you walk out of our security gate at the entrance to Playacar -- more cost effective than calling them into Playacar.
MAID SERVICE: Normally three times a week unless otherwise stated. Tips are welcome.
FARMACIAS (Pharmacy):
30% Discount Generic Pharmacy on 30th/8th
Union Farmacias 30th near Juarez
24 hour Pharmacy @ Juarez & 30th


FIFTH AVE-- Playa Del Carmen:

Walk up Coral Negro, through the security checkpoint and turn right. Walk through the parking lot on your right and through the mall and you’re on the south end of Fifth Ave, THE street in Playa. This should take you just over five minutes.

The mall on the south end/ also Ferry for Cozumel: Here you’ll find some designer stores, a Starbucks, a general store with things like bug spray, sunhats and suntan lotion, a Johnny Rockets burger place amongst others. Not our favorite part of the mall but convenient.

Walk as fast as you can through the south end. Lots of touristy stuff. Not the best restaurants.

Mid Fifth Ave: Carboncitas is here. Hard to find a more cost effective, clean, pleasant place to enjoy tacos and margaritas. Happy hour is from 4pm and the tacos pastor (pork) are around $1.50 each. Margaritas are cheap but hefty so don’t drive anything after.

North Fifth Ave and the Italian area: Beyond Constituyentes -- When you start seeing Italian restaurants you’re in the middle of it. This is Our absolute favorite area. Nice vigorous walk from Casita Coba, round 20 minutes but worth it. If you’re not up for the walk take a cab just beyond our security on 10th ave. It will cost no more than $5. This is where Playa becomes most like Europe. Restaurants become more sophisticated. It is possible to get home made pasta in at least five Italian restaurants…Lasagne that melts in your mouth! Good Italian coffee. Some good Argentinian as well. Excellent people watching. Late night dining: when all the rest of Fifth has gone to bed this place remains alive. Possible to head out for dinner at 11pm!

THE BEACH: Walk to our beach and along towards town. Lovely walk past fancy hotels, boisterous restaurants. Stop when you get to the place where the sofas are laid out almost to the waters edge and live music is playing. You may not get the best food here but you’ll get passable margaritas, guacomole and chips. You’ll have your feet in the sand – possibly dancing – the moon on the water and the lights of Cozumel across the way. Splendid. You can walk home trailing your feet in the sea.
There’s a tap/faucet off to the right at the foot of the stairs going up to Casita Coba. Great place to shed all that sand before heading into the pool or going upstairs.

RESTAURANT SUGGESTIONS (Playa has over 360 restaurants, most within walking distance, so this is just a spattering. We need MORE time!)


Xocolatier: 5th Ave between calle 38 & 40
Where you go for breakfast if you don’t want to hear a word of English, if you want to pretend you’re somewhere in Europe. Good strong, short coffees – like in Europe. Some nice interesting breakfast options. Nice area: walk round the corner and to the beach to sample a completely different glamorous side of Playa.

La Vagabunda: 5th between calle 24 & 26

Traditional Mexican breakfast with chilis, bacon and tortillas thrown in – ask for their special breakfast. Have an enormous fresh squeezed fruit juice. Reasonable and delicious. Get there while the bona fide breakfast chef is still there, before 1pm, or that special breakfast becomes unremarkable.

Ah Cacao: 5th and Consituyentes. Nice area, lots of chocolate everything and reasonable coffee.

Casa Mediterranea: 5th between calle 6 & 8 look for an obscure entrance on your right to a little courtyard. There is a tiny sign.
This is where we had our most memorable seafood feast. Simply and perfectly done. Lovely roast vegetable appetizer. A little costly, this dish in particular but there are other more cost effective offerings and homemade pasta!!
Curry Omm: Walk to our 2nd security gate, the manned one, and turn left on 10th ave. This little place just down this road on your left. Very easy walking distance from Casita Coba. Excellent curry, small intimate. Haresh and his wife Claudia have an interesting ‘escaping the rat race story’. They take their food seriously and go to great lengths to import necessary ingredients. All spices are lovingly and painstakingly ground by hand. The result is delicious and authentic. They do take away as well. The samosas are a must!
Bardello Sport Trattoria: 5th Ave and calle 32. Our favorite place to have a homemade pasta – and I never thought I’d say that about any eating place with the word ‘sport’ in it’s name. The lasagna is probably the best I’ve tasted. The homemade pasta literally melts in the mouth. The pizzas are wonderful. They have lovely generous glasses of house wine. It’s where we go when we don’t want to think but we still want to enjoy ourselves. Italian family owned. You’ll hear lots of Italian. No-one speaks too much English, you communicate via sheer intention and waving your arms around.
Cenacolo: 5th Ave and calle 28. Homemade pasta like Bardello but posher. You can watch the pasta-making on a big old wooden table outside. This whole area positively bursts with homemade pasta making. I very much enjoyed a seafood pasta dish the name of which escapes me now. Great people watching area.
Baremar: 5th ave and calle 38. Also a good area. Very modern, not the coziest of locations but some memorable dishes and reasonable prices. Try the tuna tartare with avocado and the tuna pastor if you like it a little cooked. The black rice dishes, particularly the seafood one, are salty, like diving into the sea.
La Bodeguita del Medio: 5th ave and calle 34. Cuban. Haven’t tried this yet but would like to. Reports are good and the ambience is very Cuban. Great décor and live music. Lots of live music around this area.
El Fogon: 6th ave and 30th. Colorful, local fare. Very cost effective. Giant margaritas.
Xulam: At 10th ave at our security gate. A little disneyish but some lovely touches and the food is delicious. Try the fresh shrimp or fish with garlic. Very seriously garlicky.

Fusion: Beach and calle 6. Beach walking distance from Casita Coba. Plonk down in the slatted wooden chairs angled to relax. Watch the moon over Cozumel. Enjoy margaritas, mojitos and beer here. Snack on the guacamole and pico de gallo but resist the temptation to eat dinner here—very unremarkable. Live music, sometimes fun and danceable other times forgiveness is needed. Watched some incredible belly dancers here one night. Always festive!
Zenzi: Beach and calle 10. Also live music, some actually very good. Last time I was there I felt like I’d dropped in on the Buena Vista Social Club. Seating is slouchable, lighting romantic, view to die for. Mojitos the best drink I’ve had there. They do a mean plate of fries here which is called something else in Spanish. This is if you have had your fill of guac and chips. Not sure what the real food is like here.

Chedrauis– The Mexican version of the “Super Target” bathing suits, toys, etc. Hwy 307 & 1st sur.
Super Walmart: A good option at 30th and 10th
Mega: Favorite amongst expats. The latest addition at 30th & Constituyentes. Super clean, almost clinical but a good place for salad goods, meat, chicken, wine etc.
Sam’s Club: If you’re already a member this is a great option for cheeses, wines. Some exotic stuff…believe it or not!
Pacsa Deli – 10th & 34th on the right. Imported items such as Worstershire Sauce, Thomas English Muffins, Daisy Sour Cream, Whipping cream, Cheeses, French bread, etc.
Fish Market – 14th and 30th, near San Francisco grocery store. Fresh fish until noon, Beautiful shrimp.
Past e Pane – fresh pastas and bread 5th Ave (little Italy) between 20th &22nd

Ambulance 873-1233
Security Gate 879-4860
Taxi Service 873-0032
Playamed Hospital 879-3155
US Consulate Cancun 01 998 883-0272

Now RELAX. You deserve it. We thank you for sharing our home and sincerely hope you will find it as lovely as we do!
Gail Walter
303 579 4456
Boulder Colorado USA

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